Friday, November 26, 2010

The last month or so...

For a moment, I decided to blog post photos.
It's nice here in bloggy-land!

Moon's Art Table
pre-weekly recycling/clean up.


Pumpkin Painting in the yard

Bird attracting pine cones, freshly made.

First honey, then seeds.

Notice Lan licking the brush here.

Wild Park Monster

Electronics in nature

More wild beasts

Lan, fresh out of the bath with his new baby from the Candy Fairy.

Luxurious gifts from this years Fairy.
She even let them keep some, which was partially eaten
and then fed to Papa, "because he likes junk".
For the record, Mama "likes junk" too. The kids just don't know it.

Trick or Treaters!

Costumes from Auntie Jen, with a little flair added by the pink lady.

Pumpkin time!

Goodie bag maker.

The carving. Which Papa did pretty much all of.

Another hour of play into the silks. Best toy ever!

Moon's creation

Finally, the day I swaddled the children. It was great.

Saturday, June 05, 2010